Angboomi Farmer Producer Company is established with the aim to working on the root cause of the problem and give the best possible solution to organizing it. The company is committed to uplifting the status of the Farmers as well as the Land by providing them 360 degree solutions of their problems at their own place. By creating a sustainable model for increasing health and wealth Angbhoomi works for Restructuring Rural India Together from SOIL to SOUL.

Wealth Creation Through Mission Harit Khadi

“The overview of pilot project at Khanwan ensures with an investment of Rs. 3 crore and involving 35 professionals BHKGS can generate sustainable livelihood of 1000 women and create wealth of Rs. 15 crore within one year.”

This wealth creation process can be further enhanced by going higher in the Khadi value chain like producing white cotton, dyeing and apparel making.

Atmanirbhar Bharat