Angboomi Farmer Producer Company is established with the aim to working on the root cause of the problem and give the best possible solution to organizing it. The company is committed to uplifting the status of the Farmers as well as the Land by providing them 360 degree solutions of their problems at their own place. By creating a sustainable model for increasing health and wealth Angbhoomi works for Restructuring Rural India Together from SOIL to SOUL.

Angbhoomi Meri Dukaan is a Phygital outlet powered by Agrocrafts Agri Solutions Ltd and owned by local Micro Entrepreneurs at panchayat level. Angbhoomi Meri Dukaan enables the farmer to procure quality inputs, implement agronomy practices, market output at right price and obtain offered services. These outlets will hold e-inventory of local produce and buyers can directly connect with them via our platform.